Abide Therapeutics was founded based on work that emerged from the laboratories of Professors Ben Cravatt and Dale Boger at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. Cardinal Partners provided seed and subsequent venture funding, and John Clarke, Principal Partner at Cardinal Partners, serves as chairman of Abide’s Board of Directors. Alan Ezekowitz, formerly Senior Vice President at Merck and Entrepreneur in Residence at Cardinal Partners, became Abide’s founding CEO in November 2011.

Abide’s laboratories became operational in May 2012, and in October 2014, we expanded our research operations to a newly renovated suite on Road to the Cure, La Jolla, California. With our discovery team in La Jolla and our clinical development center located in Princeton, New Jersey, Abide has established a bi-coastal presence in the U.S. in close proximity to key biopharma innovation hubs.

Abide’s platform exploits the power of chemoproteomics to mine the serine hydrolase superfamily for novel drug targets. Our platform includes a proprietary chemical library that is designed to interact with serine hydrolases, and cutting-edge chemoproteomics techniques that rapidly read out target engagement and off-target selectivity. Our strategy is to harness the therapeutic potential of serine hydrolases to yield drugs for treatment of a broad range of diseases in areas of unmet medical need.