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First-in-Class Transformational Medicines

At Abide Therapeutics, we have the pipeline and the people to become the world leader in realizing the therapeutic value of serine hydrolases like the endocannabinoid modulator monoacylglycerol lipase, or MGLL. Our commitment is to develop novel medicines to transform the lives of patients with serious unmet medical needs.

Serine hydrolases form a large enzyme family that plays key roles in human physiology and disease. Using our unique and proprietary serine hydrolase platform combined with our deep scientific and drug development expertise, we have advanced to the clinic a new class of drugs for neurological diseases that harnesses the therapeutic potential of the endocannabinoid system.

Leadership Team

Our world-class team shares a deep commitment to our cultural values of courage, integrity, and excellence. We are driven by knowing that the work we do today will change patients’ lives tomorrow. We live by the motto “Every Day Is the Most Important Day.”

Our management team has a proven track record of translating biology to successful products. In addition, our work is supported and enhanced by a Scientific Advisory Board of distinguished scientists, clinicians, and drug discovery experts, including two Nobel Laureates.

Leadership Team
Board of Directors
Scientific Advisory Board
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Cardinal’s management team leverages their decades of experience to nurture today’s enterprises into tomorrow’s industry leaders. Together, the Cardinal Partners team has invested in over a hundred growth companies. Cardinal Partners is based in Princeton, New Jersey and also has offices in Laguna Beach, California and Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Since Abide’s inception in 2011, we have formed alliances with top-tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as leading academic laboratories and research foundations. We have a continuing interest in collaborating with partners who have unique biological expertise and capabilities in therapeutic areas where modulation of serine hydrolases can play a role in treating diseases with serious unmet medical need.

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