Abide’s Co-founders and Board Members Elected to the National Academy of Inventors

SAN DIEGO, Jan 15, 2016– Abide Therapeutics congratulates the company’s co-founders and Scientific Advisory Board members Drs. Benjamin Cravatt and Dale Boger, and Board of Directors member Dr. Paul Schimmel, on their election to the National Academy of Inventors. Election to the National Academy of Inventors recognizes exceptional contributions to the creation or facilitation of inventions that have made an impact on the welfare of society. Abide is honored by this recognition of the company’s founders and board members as nationally eminent inventors and innovators.

Dr. Cravatt is Chair of the Department of Chemical Physiology at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). The Cravatt lab at TSRI has been a pioneer in using chemical probes to decipher the physiological role of enzymes their respective substrates. Dr. Cravatt’s work on activity-based protein profiling is the conceptual foundation on which Abide was formed, as this work enables the identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of human disease.

Dr. Boger is the Richard and Alice Cramer Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at TSRI. The Boger lab studies the total synthesis of biologically active natural products, the development of new synthetic methods, heterocyclic chemistry, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, the study of DNA-agent interactions, and the chemistry of antitumor antibiotics.

Dr. Schimmel is the Earnest and Jean Hahn Professor at the Departments of Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and Metabolism and Aging, at the TSRI Florida and California campuses, and also holds an appointment at the Institute for Advanced Study, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Schimmel lab focuses on decoding genetic information in translation, using the methods and logic of molecular and cell biology, chemistry, and structural analysis to investigate the novel functions of the tRNA synthetases, with an emphasis on development of new therapeutics for treatment of human disease.
Link to 2015 NAI Fellows press release

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